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Liberal Democrat News 28th October 2011

October 28, 2011 7:31 AM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

We must lead, not leave, the EU

As Liberal Democrat News goes to press, European Leaders are still endeavouring to find a way to solve the Eurozone economic crisis.

Whilst obviously hoping that a solution is found, the Deputy Prime Minister asserted in a television interview this week that the UK must lead the debate on a stronger future for Europe.

"You're only going to get a healthy Eurozone, and we need a healthy Eurozone for a healthy United Kingdom, if long term growth and competitiveness is improved," he said. "And you only get that by actually improving, deepening and widening the single market.

"So you get more trade, more innovation, more entrepreneurialism across the European Union and that's where we can lead. I want to see Britain lead that debate, not have debates in the House of Commons about how we should leave the European Union.

"We are geographically, historically and economically absolutely linked to Europe. That is not going to change. We've got to make the best of it. Yes, reform it, and I know this having worked in Europe, the way you reform Europe is by leading the debate not by simply leaving it to others in Europe to mess things up."

"Eurosceptics need to be quite careful for what they wish for because if they succeed in pushing this country - and they won't succeed as long as I'm in government - to push this country towards the exit sign, then let's be clear; the people who will be damaged are British families, British businesses, British jobs, British communities
and I won't let that happen.

"This government of which I'm the Deputy Prime Minister is not going to launch some sort of dawn raid, some smash and grab raid on Brussels," asserted Nick. "It won't work, it will be condemned to failing.
"If you want to win the argument in the European Union, and we've learnt this the hard way, you've got to find friends and allies in Europe.

"There are a lot of countries out there, whether it's the Swedes, the Poles, the Finns, the Dutch and others, who actually look to us to work with them to make sure that the European Single Market - which, by the way, was a British invention introduced by a Conservative Government at the time because it's good for British businesses - that we continue to make that a success for Britain."

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