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Welcome to Hastings & Rye Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be

enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Vince Cable and Nick Perry campaigning

Hastings & Rye Liberal Democrats are a group of local residents who are passionate about and committed to our great towns.

On this site you can find out more about the team, read about our latest activities and find out how you can get involved.

Recent Liberal Democrat news and updates

    • Article: Mar 6, 2018

      To mark 100 days to the World Cup in Russia the we've laid out a 'starting 11' of major concerns Russia needs to give the red card before kick off.

      The issues include:

      1. Stop annexing foreign territory
      2. Stop interfering with foreign elections
      3. Stop hacking foreign governments & businesses
      4. Stop institutionalised doping in sports
      5. Stop human rights abuses
      6. Stop decriminalising domestic abuse
      7. Stop supporting Assad in Syria
      8. Stop the stamping out of democracy in Russia
      9. Stop abuses against LGBT Russians
      10. Stop political assassinations at home and abroad
      11. Stop imprisoning those opposed to Putin
    • Document: Mar 5, 2018
      741.36 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

      Some other issues that local residents have raised with Eve Montgomery and Peter Clarke and the Focus Team:
       Newts Way: Following withdrawn planning applications what is the status of the land round the electricity sub-station?
       Edinburgh Road: Can the Filsham Schools do more about littering etc. by School pupils?
       TKMAX: The Council now owns the site. Will they sort out the near non-existent landscaping on Bexhill Road and ensure access for emergency vehicles to the houses?
       Air Quality: The Borough Council has revoked the Air Quality Management Area for Bexhill Road. When will they be publishing the replacement Air Quality Strategy for the Borough?

    • Article: Mar 5, 2018

      To see our Winter 2017/18 Focus, please click here

    • Article: Mar 3, 2018
      By Liberal Democrats

      And even when no other party agrees, we've stood our ground.

      Today, on our 30th Anniversary we stand strong, with 100,000 members, right across the UK and once again, we're setting out the bold ideas needed to build a strong, Liberal Britain

      ✔︎ An exit from Brexit.
      ✔︎ a new deal for social care.
      ✔︎ a new deal for schools.
      ✔︎ a new deal for services.

    • Theresa May.
      Article: Mar 2, 2018

      Commenting on Theresa May's Brexit speech at Mansion House, Vince Cable MP Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

      May's diminished authority is allowing Brexit extremists to neuter any chance she has at getting an acceptable deal for the UK.

      "With a listless government beholden to hard-line Tories the only way to protect our future is ensure a referendum on the final deal. Surely, If May believes in her strategy, she would happily take it to the country."

    • Event: Apr 13, 2018 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
      The White Rock Hotel

      The Executive aims to meet on the 2nd Friday of every month and the normal venue is The White Rock Hotel in Hastings.

      These meetings are primarily about the management of the party rather than policy discussions.

      • Keeping track of the Party finances.
      • Choosing candidates
      • Planning campaigns
      • Preparing literature
      • All the vital elements that enable the Party to operate effectively
    • Article: Feb 27, 2018
      By Alistair Carmichael

      Boris Johnson has made a bizarre appearance on the Today programme where he showed flagrant disregard for history and international affairs by comparing the Northern Ireland border with the Congestion Charge.

      Once again the Foreign Secretary has shown why he shouldn't be allowed out of the house to talk about foreign affairs.

      He has revealed a complete lack of understanding of the complexities and history of the Northern Irish border. It is one of the major outstanding issues of Brexit negotiations and one of our most senior Cabinet Ministers hasn't even bothered to read his briefing notes.

    • Article: Feb 26, 2018

      Living in Britain today, we all know the scale of the problems approaching us - and yet it seems that no-one has the courage to argue for the radical solutions we need.

      Runaway climate change; an aging population; healthcare and housing both in crisis; the passing of the liberal international order; the commercialisation of our private data; the risks and rewards of automation and AI; one tax system for multinationals and the rich, another for everyone else.

    • Jeremy Corbyn.
      Article: Feb 26, 2018
      By Liberal Democrats

      "Corbyn started his speech claiming that Labour's position on Brexit has been consistent, by which he must mean consistently vague. And today was no different.

      "His slight movement on the Customs Union and some EU agencies might be one step on the road to rationality, but there is still a long way to go before the rhetoric meets reality. The Labour leader spoke of putting the British people first, but made no guarantees on making sure they are the ones who have a final say on the Brexit deal.

      "The reality is there is no Brexit that is good for workers unless we stay as integrated as possible. Until Corbyn guarantees that we will stay in the Customs Union and Single Market, and gives people a chance to decide their own future, he continues to be Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, walking hand in hand with Theresa May towards a destructive Brexit that risks jobs, the economy, and the Union."

    • Jeremy Corbyn.
      Article: Feb 26, 2018

      The Conservatives are making a mess of Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn now needs to show some strength and change course.

      'A jobs-first approach to Brexit' is a dangerous, meaningless and totally undeliverable soundbite with Britain out of the single market.

      The damage leaving the single market and customs union will do to our economy poses a real risk to the NHS and public services. Corbyn needs to listen to those in his party who are calling for him to change direction.

      If Jeremy Corbyn carries on down this path of 'having your cake and eating it', it would be another betrayal to those who believe that strong public services have to be underpinned by a strong economy, and Britain staying in the single market and customs union is crucial to that.